New email address for 'deveurope' was a website created during the period that the European Society for Developmental Psychology was being born. Previously it related to the mailing list "". Traditionally, messages to the address have concerned new appointments or research opportunities in areas relating to developmental psychology. Occasionally requests for research-related information or leads are also posted
Recently that list was migrated to the JISC academic mailing service. The new address for the mailing list is now


All previous members of have been trnasferred to the new address. Until the end of May messages posted to will simply be redirected there.
The list continues to be managed by Charles Crook (School of Education, University of Nottingham). He may be able to answer queries about the list and its activities (but he will not post on your behalf)

Postings to this list have never been moderated. But membership is. To ensure the integrity of its concerns membership has always been restricted to individuals actively working in an institutional research environment. In addition, only members of the list may post to it.


New subscribers, please go to the following link:
If you register with a recognised (research) institutional email address approval should be quick. Otherwise you will be contacted for clarification.


JISC matters of consent and list security

Privacy policy

The mailing list contains no information beyond email addresses taken from (approved) requests for membership. It has been used to provide information for European colleagues who have declared they are working in an institution sponsoring research relating to the interests of developmental psychologists – and then who supply an email address linked to that institution. Messages are likely to concern upcoming events and opportunities within developmental psychology. This mail list will not be shared with third parties for any purpose and never has been in the past. Only list members may post to the list. The membership is not published or otherwise circulated by the list manager

For any questions regarding how your data is used, please contac the list manager
deveurope is a free, not-for-profit network. Members are welcome to join or leave this mailing list at any time. If at any time in the future you do no longer wish to receive information from this list (or if you wish to change your address), please sgo to in order to unsubscribe.
Repeated bounced mail from a member is likelly to result in the list manager removing that subscriber with no further correspondance.